Tips on how to watch Apple iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 Are living Movement Keynote



Typically, conference recordings Apple appear a few hours after the event. But this time the Californian giant decided to show the preview iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 and other new products on the air. In addition to the Apple TV set-top box, you can also see the event on a special web page at this link.

Remember, today Apple will hold another important event, which will further the development of operating systems for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. It is also expected that the company will present to the public the new laptops MacBook Air, which will have a faster Wi-Fi – up to a gigabit per second, the computer will provide a new processor Intel Haswell, which promises to increase the power of the computer and extend the battery life of the device. Perhaps also there will be two microphones and an upgraded camera, peeling off the quality of 1080p.

Most likely, the new line will show and MacBook Pro, they will be more subtle, 13 – and 15-inch, too, with the new processor.

As mentioned above, you can see the presentation of new products on the site, as well as the set-top box Apple TV. Just go to the new Apple Events section and click Play. Judging from the description, the U.S. company will broadcast live streaming at 10:00 Pacific time time.

07:00 — Honolulu, Hawaii
10:00 — San Francisco, California
13:00 — New York, New York
14:00 — São Paulo, Brazil
18:00 — London, England
19:00 — Rome, Italy
20:00 — Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
21:00 — Moscow, Russia
22:30 — New Delhi, India
01:00 — Shanghai, China (June 11)
02:00 — Tokyo, Japan (June 11)
03:00 — Sydney, Australia (June 11)

For the live streaming keynote, check below:


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