How to update Watch OS on your Apple Watch


Watch os 1.0.1

The Apple Watch has received its first update for the Watch-OS operating system. The installation of an update for Watch OS is pretty easy, as long as one considers certain things.

The Apple Watch can be known not connect directly to a computer, but communicates almost exclusively via a paired iPhone with the outside world. Consequently, operating system updates for Apple Watch be installed on an iPhone. How this works below.

Install Apple Watch OS Update:

Before you can install the update that Apple Watch has coupled with the iPhone and be just within reach. Because the software update is installed from the iPhone to the Apple Watch. Accordingly, a computer is not necessary.

The Apple Watch must have at least 50% battery charge and additionally be connected throughout the update process with the magnetic charge puck.

  1. Apple Watch app open on your iPhone.
  2. Under General> Software Update, the update will be displayed.
  3. Under “More info” you can display what the changes that this update brings.
  4. Here on “Download and install” tap.
  5. The update for Watch OS is now loaded onto the iPhone. It is then transferred to the Apple Watch and then installed on the clock.
  6. During the update process, the progress of the installation is constantly displayed on the Apple Watch. The circle is filled in twice that time, it may take around 12 minutes.

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