HP Hurricane: The New version of the HP Slate in webOS?


 Some time ago rumors were confirmed by sources within HP, suggested that Hewlett Packard has decided to drop Windows 7 as the engine of his future shelf for a model with webOS. According to examiner.com, this tablet could to begin shipping in the third quarter and would codenamed HP Hurricane  

For some, the slate is already buried. " This is a really interesting, but that is as fast as a turtle. Me think they could have d
one something with a faster processor, but it would have been fatal to the battery life. "says analyst Paul Mueller of Los Angeles industrie.



If one believes the technical specifications of the Slate circulating on the internet for some time (read:The characteristics of the slate in front of the HP iPad ), autonomy of the tablet is far from its asset since it is advertised with a battery life of five hours, while it has a screen smaller than the iPad and a battery of higher capacity.

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