HP has simply announced that it will stop selling smartphones and tablets, such as Pre and TouchPad, based on the webOS platform. This is a remarkable and unexpected addition step.Previously the company said that because webOS the base would stand for all future hardware releases. The webOS system continues to exist, and according to insiders will be made ​​available to other parties.


HP's acquisition of the former Palm got the electronics manufacturer is widely acclaimed webOS operating system in your hands. Earlier this year, HP announced the TouchPad, which until now was seen as a promising competitor to Apple's iPad . Last month started selling the TouchPad in the United States, but so far did not really rafts. HP decided earlier this month to the unit twenty percent cheaper. Previously, several HP webOS smartphones like the pre3 this week in the sale would go and the smaller spring.

HP's CEO Léo Apotheker confirmed in the conference call tonight that the touchpad is not as welcomed as the company initially expected. "The Tablet effect is real, " says Apotheker which he almost certainly refers to the iPad . "The TouchPad is insufficient received by the market.Our PC division needed the flexibility of its own decisions. " hard but realistic statements.

New figures revealed earlier today that Apple has overtaken HP in terms of global sales of "mobile PC", ie including the iPad . Apple sold 13.6 million units during the quarter (iPads and MacBooks), compared to 9.7 million by HP. This gives Apple a market share of 21.1% of that market. Incidentally, of which 13.6 million or 80% paid by the iPad.

Besides the dismantling of webOS hardware, HP also stop its Personal Systems Group, where the normal computers covered. The press release can be read that the Board of Directors has authorized the company to strategic alternatives for the division of HP to explore. So far it is unclear what exactly will happen with this division.

HP also announced that one of the software company Autonomy's $ 10.2 billion (7.1 billion euros) purchase. Autonomy is one of the largest suppliers of business software in the world and employs more than 25,000 customers in over 400 of the largest companies worldwide. This acquisition and maintenance of the software webOS suggest that high commitment to HP software.

HP was an internal meeting tonight to let employees know that webOS not forsake you, says This is my next . It would be strange, since then the main reason for the acquisition of Palm.Instead, people looking for one (or more) hardware partner (s) who want to take a license on the operating system.


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