Occasionally if any individual wonders what goes in the course of the heads of our giant bosses.&#one hundred sixty;Despite the fact that HP&#one hundred sixty;introduced in early remaining week&#one hundred sixty;abandoned  the WebOS and lower prices for its very large touchpad , this is a new rumor is being spread like wildfire across the web. Todd Bradley, head of branch public to HP, and have told Reuters that his company could resume production of its TouchPad.Incredible, right?


And inevitably, it is legitimate to ask questions about the strategy that is being set up HP .Since the beginning of the month, the share price of the company has indeed collapsed. Like most clubs at this time, it's true. However, this is a significant drop and previous announcements of the company certainly did not help matters. When a computer manufacturer on the market for a while you said to be studying the possibility of separating from its entire consumer PC industry, it's enough to lose confidence.

In a sense, one might ask whether the statements of the company were not intended to causea buzz about its products. WebOS is indeed difficult to convince consumers, but it was enough to drop of a sudden the price of a product to trigger a mass hysteria. Within hours, the touchpad has become a rare and coveted, so that some have even engage in a true parallel market on eBay. Certainly, the issueof porting Google Android on the beautiful has been for many, but not the most important. No, what matters is that everyone has talked about HP for a little over a week.

When we add to this the fact that WebOS should benefit soon from a new update , we can ask lots of questions. That said, what is certain is that this venture has enabled the manufacturer to find at least one thing: pulling prices down, we can reverse the trend. What to expect, it is obviously that the firm will keep this idea in mind in the coming weeks, in the coming months and years to come. After all, if  HP decides to suddenly make the price of its products down, competition will have no choice but to do the same.


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