HP Respond to TouchPad Criticism


On the eve of its TouchPad launch United(this July 1), HP needed to melt the criticism first seemed in more than a few newspapers throughout the Atlantic. Dailies to specialised websites, all revealed their take a look at of the pill the day past. It discovered an total feeling slightly the identical. This pill on webOS just isn’t with out originality (first through the gadget), it has attainable, however in its present kind, it can’t concern about the iPadQuite a few bugs in the OS and the applications that came were also listed.


On bugs, Richard Kerris, vice president in charge of developer relations at HP, reiterated the words of its teams to journalists. Updates OTA (Over The Air) are already planned to erase these problems.

In his interview to The Loop , Kerris has mainly sought to place the arrival of the tablet in a broader context for HP " This is not just for the tablet. That's the operating system for the ecosystem and to connect all devices such as phones, printers and computers . " HP has indeed planned to deploy webOS in all of its products, including devices and PCs. He also stressed the fact that the functions "cloud" of HP, with data synchronization, photos and other files between devices webOS, were already operational today. Where it was not until the fall with the icloud Apple.

 In an interview in early June, Leo Apotheker, CEO of HP was highlighted this prospect of 110 million of its products, diverse and varied, take webOS. With the potential that this represents for developersKerr for his part said that interest was increasing webOS, it is demonstrated by the 400 developers who have participated in workshops in California the last 45 days, and the summer sessions were already full. In tests of the touchpad it was referred to the drought in the supply of optimized applications (about 300). Kerris, for the record, joined HP in February, he held the same post at Apple from 2001 to 2007.

HP does not directly with the TouchPad iPad " We think we have more opportunities to market the company and to those customers who use a PC. This sector is growing, there is plenty of room for both companies "(the HP website , however, presents its shelf at an angle rather very public-oriented, rather than professional, ndr). He readily admitted that it would be unrealistic to expect to wrest market share to Apple. Apotheker also had realistic in its objectives " is not directly deal with Apple to go, it is to become the third alternative. Once we get there, the race will be wide open, and we will create an experience level to that of Apple or superior to theirs . " The TouchPad, seen from HP, and is a piece of a larger puzzle built around webOS.

The TouchPad prices are $499 for the 16GB and $599 for 32 GB, both Wi-Fi only.

In another interview , accompanied by Phil McKinney Kerris other senior HP, have ruled out any hypothesis of use of Android on a shelf.Regarding Windows 8, things are less settled. HP already sells its Slate 500 with Windows 7 and the two men were content to say that it was selling "reasonably well "but without supporting figures.

McKinney pointed out that HP and Microsoft worked closely together, but that it was difficult to say more when the assumption of a tablet with Windows 8.For his part, Kerr insisted that his team were focused on webOS, they had no mandate to work on Windows 8. HP, however, would observe if there would be a strong demand for a HP Tablet with this OS.

In any case difficult to imagine that Microsoft does not try to convince the first computer manufacturer in the world to use its future OS on a shelf …

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