Ipadbusiness The HP Slate 500 has put forward various types of usage scenarios, since there is a professional business setting. E-mail, web, standard office applications, presentations, or using software custom developed and are listed. Today, HP seems like further restrict the potential scope of its shelf.

Thus in Infoworld, Roman Skuratovskiy a spokesman for the manufacturer, said the outlines of this framework "The HP Slate 500 is designed to run custom applications developed by customers in business, unlike laptops and HP desktop. Closer explains – perhaps – the sales figures that the rumored to be extremely low for this product launched there – only – one month  

Positioning which contrasts with the much more flexible, the iPad. The Apple Tableappears able to blend with the same ease in an environment both consumer and professional.

Two companies, Boxtone and iPass, specializing in fleet management business of mobile customers surveyed. 1100 users on solutions iPass, 13% reported having iPad traffic, mostly brought by employees. Three quarters of those surveyed feel that the tablets are then brought to replace or, more likely, complete laptops.

In the sample of Boxtone (1200 companies) 28% have already started testing the use of the iPad, 15% intend to do in the next three months and 30% at one time or another next year.

Last survey, conducted by the Good Found from 4000 companies. It was noted that the iPad was used to 36% in financial services, 11% in technology, 10% in health and 9% in the legal sectors.

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