HP to report its biggest loss, iPad demand to contributed to the largest ever quarterly HP Loss


HP will provide its outcomes after the market closes on Wednesday, however the expectations are already low, as the corporate warned buyers this month, with a purpose to be written with the aid of the acquisition price of digital information $thirteen billion in 2008. Traders predict that HP misplaced $four.forty nine to $four.39 per share for the three months led to July, in step with the Related Press, in an effort to be a lack of $eight.50 to $eight.ninety billion, the worst quarterly efficiency of the corporate in its historical past.

A 12 months after, as within the HP dug grave for its TouchPad, which many expected the destiny of the killer iPad, the company organizes the new mobile division, whose main objective is the development of the user segment tablets.

Specifically for this purpose HP lured from Nokia Alberto Torres, responsible for development of the platform MeeGo in the Finnish company. In Albertno diminished processing after the company changed the course of the mobile platform and has an agreement with Microsoft to further support the Windows platform on mobile devices, Nokia.

Alberto will be working under the wing of Vice President Todd Bradley, HP and its divisions Printing and Personal Systems Group. The Verge reports that the company is being actively developed the tablet, which promises to be a real bomb and shake up the market.And you remember how two years ago, HP bought Palm and the company's business has gotten one of the most revolutionary mobile platforms of the time? Then, believing in themselves and their capabilities, HP dumped on the market TouchPad, later admitted it failed.

In mid-2000-x Palm OS has been one of the most exciting mobile platform, on which the company created a very interesting Palm smartphones. After absorption of HP, the system was renamed the Web OS and development in the mobile OS came into the hands of the American computer giant. But in HP safely profukannyh moment, and two years later the company is making a new attempt to enter the tablet market is very interesting.

Now, the newly formed division will be referred to Gram and its key objectives is the development of mobile devices, including tablet PCs, and work on other services that may be of interest to the market.

What about Apple? In Cupertino certainly expected the second coming of HP and Palm OS webOS. However apple giant fear, at least for now, there is nothing. The finished product based on webOS, we have not seen and can not talk about its impact on the market and, in particular, its leader – Apple. Assume that the tablet market will go down the path of development of the smartphone market.

Today most of the tablet is the iPad, but pressure from other manufacturers built up day by day. Besides increasing the number of the newest players. One
of these newcomers will and HP, which has, however, the experience in this segment of the market a bit. But at HP is the main thing: what has Apple today and aspires to Microsoft – own hardware and its own operating system (read – the platform). With the correct approach to the issue from HP and Microsoft have three looming market leader, which control most of it. But there comes to mind the agreement Microsoft and Apple, in terms of which companies have access to the patents partner. It is possible that Microsoft and Apple are moving to the distribution of the market among themselves and simply will not allow HP to become one of its leaders. Anyway the third in his coalition are unlikely to be allowed. HP and its new mobile unit will be very hard.

with the iPad, are included in selling PC, Apple is the # 1 PC vendor in the world, which accounted for 19.4 percent of all cargo, according to the latest Canalys. IPad helped Apple to achieve sales growth year after year, by 59.6 percent, while HP PC sales fell by 11.3% in the world, puts the company in second place with 12.5% ​​of all deliveries PC.

HP made the initial push into the tablet market when it bought Palm and uses webOS mobile operating system for its touch screen tablet touch pad in the past year. But quickly weakened the TouchPad and HP abandoned equipment fire sale $99 shortly after he made his debut in the device.

Some industry observers expect that PC sales will continue the trend for the rest of the year. Contribution loss is Apple iPad, which is projected to sell Analyst 69 million units this year only.

as for HP tablet plans, the report said in July that the company scrapped plans to build a tablet based on the platform of Microsoft Windows RT for touchscreen tablet devices based on ARM. It was suggested that HP decided not to compete with Microsoft Surface and instead can develop their own tablet-based operating system Google Android mobile.

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