HTC has not only ahead of MWC presented the  HTC One M9, but also the two Wearables RE and RE Vive grip. While the fitness bracelet is equipped with rudimentary sensors such as GPS and Bluetooth, is at Vive RE from the full ladled over 70 sensors detect the position of the wearer and are intended to permit movement through a virtual space.


The RE Grip is HTC’s answer to previous fitness wearables. The bracelet, which was designed in cooperation with UA record, has a 1.8 inch touchscreen display PMOLED with a resolution of 32 x 160 pixels. Connected to the smartphone will use Bluetooth 4.0 and is IP57 waterproof (up to 30 minutes at up to one meter of water). A special feature is the integrated GPS is specified, recorded over not only distances, but also speeds and distances traveled and calories burned can be calculated.

A Plus meter is not on board, however, such via Bluetooth with the HTC RE Grip be connected. The battery is 100 mAh small and to sports enthusiasts tracken up to five hours at GPS enabled without sports activity keeps the bracelet manufacturer claims to 2.5 days. In addition to these functions, which are synchronized and treated in a fitness app with a smartphone, and the bed-that is, the deep stages of sleep and waking and sleep duration can be measured, are recorded. Further, the wearable with iOS devices running Android 4.3 and 7 compatible. This spring, the wearable to be available commercially – but for now only in North America.


With the virtual reality glasses HTC RE Vive want the Taiwanese manufacturer together with Valve reinvent the Virtual Space: How to numerous position, acceleration and laser position sensors to track the location of the carrier and as a 360-degree view of a virtual world allow. The display is a separate screen for each eye; the two displays come with a resolution of 1,200 x 1,080 pixels. HTC developed the pairs to be used VR controller to work more intuitive than previous games controller and capture hand movements for interacting with the environment.

In the spring of 2015, the glasses Vive RE version is to be released for developers, end of this year to appear a model for the masses in the trade. The cooperation could in addition to positioning in the Valve universe to the PC gaming platform Steam heard also be driven by partnerships such as with the developers forge Fireproof: The Escape Game The Room Three, whose predecessor as well as for its intuitive touch controls its tricky puzzles convinced, is currently in development.

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