HTC-One-M8-2HTC has officially unveiled its new flagship smartphone HTC One (M8). Externally, the apparatus is not much different from last year’s model , which received positive reviews from the experts.

The smartphone is made in aluminum body with narrowed edges, contains a set of intelligent sensors Smart Sensor Hub, which is designed to anticipate the desires of the user, and is equipped with a set of intuitive features Motion Launch.


According to the manufacturer , the camera HTC Duo Camera module enables HTC UltraPixel do shots of the ” professional” quality ” awesome ” effects. It has a dual colored flash, the ability to record 1080p video and time-lapse function . Beyond Technology HTC UltraPixel, new Duo Camera also notable presence sensor depth to the scene . With it, the smartphone is capable of receiving information about the distance to objects caught in the frame. On the basis of the information they captured captured pictures can be converted using a set of special photo effects . For example , the effect UFocus allows you to change the focus of the image after the picture has been taken.

Camera HTC One (M8) takes pictures right from the moment it was launched , so that when you activate the shutter button instantly displays the clearest picture. Autofocus works at 300 milliseconds. Lovers portraits addressed Wide front 5 – megapixel camera .


HTC One (M8) is based on a 4 -core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 801 2.3 GHz and integrated network support 4G LTE. Software foundation became Android 4.4 KitKat, supplemented with a proprietary interface HTC Sense 6. Motion Launch function recognizes the surroundings , receiving information from the built-in motion sensors and proximity . This allows the user to interact with a smartphone without turning on the main screen. To activate the device only one finger sliding motion . Auto answer allows you to answer a call by simply attaching a phone to the ear , and for fast camera activation Locked smartphone just press one of the volume buttons and rotate the device in a horizontal position .


Battery HTC One (M8) is able to work about 40% longer than its predecessor . In addition to standard energy saving settings , added a special mode Extreme Power Saving Mode. So , when fully charged, the device can work up to 14 days , while allowing you to receive calls, SMS and emails . Extreme Power Saving Mode provides up to 60 hours of standby time at 20 percent level of the battery up to 30 hours – a 10 per cent and up to 15 hours – at 5 percent .

Not left unattended and trendy area of fitness and an active lifestyle. The smartphone comes with preinstalled Fitbit app 5 , the possibility of which are optimized for a set of sensors Smart Sensor Hub.


Special mention deserves the unusual case and HTC Dot View, which not only protects the device , but also extends the functionality of a smartphone. Surface cover displays important notifications as icons executed in a retro – style ” dot matrix “. Double touch to cover activates Motion Launch. As a result , without opening the case , you can see the time or weather, to get information about new messages , e-mails or calls.

HTC One (M8) went on sale yesterday and Verizon Wireless is the sole carrier as of now, the remaining providers will join on April 11. Version with 16 GB of internal memory is estimated at $ 199 and 32GB model – $249 subject to a contract for two years. No contract price starts at $649. A special version of HTC One (M8) Play Edition on pure Android coming soon to Google Play Store for $699.

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