The HTC One (M9) known under the code name “Hima”, for the first time, has been captured.  Nowhereelse.fr blogs published two pictures of the alleged upcoming HTC flagship model. Surprisingly, According to leaked photos, the M9 is hardly distinguishable from the current model One (M8). We are skeptical.

The French Blog NowhereElse is known in the tech world to publish pictures of yet unannounced smartphones, some of which come from Chinese forums, and to provide you with your own watermark, without mentioning the actual source. Whether it is also such a “Fund” or indeed exclusive material at the pictures, is currently difficult to say.

We are skeptical whether the source, the images of the alleged HTC One (M9) should be treated with caution. Both the front of the unit as well as a large part of the back similar to the One (M8) very strong.

We can not imagine that HTC especially the biggest gripe with the front of the One (M8) in the “Hima” will not change: the black bar between the display and speakers. In beam statements should, according to a HTC-Manager can be put a lot of technology, but precisely this element stretches the smartphone compared to other manufacturers’ equipment very in length.


In the second picture, the back of the putative be seen “Hima”. This works just like its predecessor, but the section of the main camera appears extremely large, which could indicate a large, bright sensor – that would be quite welcome. So far, it’s in the rumor mill that HTC is expected to set a 20.7 MP sensor, probably from Sony. What we irritated by the fact that the perspective from which the device was added, provides no clear view on the top, including the camera. In addition, the picture is quite dark, which could conceal possible manipulation in Photoshop.

Although it is entirely possible that HTC is his one-design loyal and also the M9 appears with an aluminum unibody, but it would seem a little boring in the third one-generation in the same style. We speculate and hope that the Taiwanese people are brave and venture on a new design.

Not later than March 1, we will find out if it is actually this device is the HTC One (M9). Because the manufacturer has already sent out invitations to a press event, which will take place in Barcelona ahead of MWC 2015. [NoWhereElse, via AndroidCentral]

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