HTC One M9 + to feature fingerprint sensor and Dual Camera


CAx030vWkAERn3aA photo published by onleaks leaks revealed an image which compares the HTC One M9 regularly with the HTC One M9 + and reveals that the second would screen 5.2 inches.

They have been around rumors that the HTC One M9 Plus (or HTC One M9 +) would be a better phone than the HTC One M9 regularly, integrating a fingerprint reader, a larger screen and a camera with higher resolution.

Although the company has not made this phone official, popular accountonleaks leaks published an image that compares the One M9 + with One M9, and gives some more details.

The image reveals that the HTC One M9 + would have a very similar design to the regular version, but with some important changes. To begin, it is clear that the size of this new phone would be higher than the regular version. In addition, the front is what appears to be a Home button, but actually be a fingerprint reader.

It is not the first time that HTC would integrate a fingerprint reader. We recall that the HTC One Max had one, but was located in the rear.

Another big difference from HTC One M9 + is that integrate the rear dual camera (Camera Duo), with similar sensors that had the HTC One M8.

Moreover,onleaks also revealed that the HTC One M9 + would have a 5.2 inch screen dimensions 150×72.5×10.15mm. The HTC One Regular M9 has a 5-inch screen, while the HTC One Max had a screen of 5.9 inches. These dimensions offer new functions without bulking too the body.

Theonleaks account makes clear that this would be only a prototype and not the final version of the device possible.

In January we saw a picture of another prototype of the HTC One M9 +, showing many of the features that reveal this new image.

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