HTC opens its portal builders and releases its telephones


Up to now month as we noticed leaked within the web the alleged specifics of what allegedly is the Apple iPhone, which is predicted by means of the tip of August or someday in September, and have begun to look how manufactures have begun to the circumstances according to these specs.


Essentially based on the specifications have been asked to create something as close to this and the possible outcome is what you see in the pictures, arrangements were made based on the cases that have been leaked.


The designs show the manufacturers that need to be open areas for cases as such, although the past this has caused confusion about the designs, such as cases for the iPhone 2 leaked implied that it would have an additional port but it was a space for a microphone, so does the design of the case for the iPhone 5 shows gaps do not appear to be useful for anything in particular or specific feature.


In fact, the cases suggest that the Home button would become more oval in the next iPhone 5 and the same direction as the designer of these images well addressed. Although it is possible to maintain the same round that has kept so far.


The screen size is another aspect that is yet to be determined it is not known whether it will be as though many rumors are that will be larger. As you know Apple has created a kind of notifications with a swipe down appear, so the display would be larger than this would be easier for your fingers.It is rumored that Apple could increase the screen size in the next iPhones.


The rear looks very similar to the iPod touch , just as there are rumors  that Apple might abandon what is the glass back on the iPhone 4 for the new iPhone and move back to aluminum. The final dimensions speculate that the time for the new iPhone 5 4.33 "x 2.36" and .27 "thick and .21 it in the bottom and compared to the iPhone 4 which has 4.5" x 2.31 ​​"x. 37. So the new design could be less than the current iPhone 4, wider and thinner.

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