HTC has recently introduced the new A9 One, a smartphone that has been defined by all as a perfect clone of the iPhone 6.

The similarity, in fact, is really disarming, enough to shake up the network. It ‘was also made a GIF likeable that we show below where you see how it was built the HTC A9:


Seriously, the news today concerns the statement by President of HTC Asia rejecting the accusations claiming: It ‘was copying Apple for the first metal design with plastic parts on the first detro HTC One (M7), realizing in Similarly with the iPhone 6. The design of One A9 is just a simple evolution of the original style of the One series.

Indeed the iPhone 6 reminds me ‘the HTC One M7 in the back, but the appearance of smartphones is completely different and both are distinct to the point of being recognized immediately. The same can not be said of One A9 and iPhone 6

HTC has continued publishing this photo on Weibo CEH says, “Imitation is the sincerest form of admiration: the iPhone 6 design very similar to the HTC”:

Too bad that HTC has felt the need to be felt only now, when it has produced a smartphone identical to the iPhone 6 and not last year when it was Apple to launch the iPhone 6.


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