HTC Shows Strong Growth Off LTE Phones and China


Taiwanese handset producer HTC are reporting robust increase within the 0.33 quarter of 2011. They shipped thirteen.2 million telephones global, which is a ninety three% elevate over the yr ahead of. They generated $a hundred thirty five.eight billion in income for the duration, with a internet profits of $18.6 billion. 


That may sound like a lot (and it’s only 14.9%), but HTC still holds a higher operating margin that other Android-centric providers such as Samsung and Motorola. Apple, on the other hand, is riding an operating margin more than double that, at 31.2%.

The firm’s success is down to two main factors: LTE phones in the US and inexpensive smartphones in China. They launched the first LTE-capable phone in the US, the Sensation, and are also looking to provide the first LTE tablet to AT&T in the JetStream. In China, the HTC Wildfire has done astonishingly well, as has the Sensation and the ChaCha.

HTC is also investing in its brand image via its cooperation with Beats Audio, which are found on almost all of its new flagship phones. This should help its long-term appeal with the youth market, as well as further differentiate the company’s offerings from other Android handsets.

In the next quarter though, things are looking quite so rosy. Stiff competition from Apple’s iPhone 4S and Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus caused their analysts to downplay their forecasts; we’ll have to see if their upcoming HTC Rezound will be able to increase expectations.

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