HTC: The iPhone is not so cool


HTC Director, Martin Fitcher, has a major dollop of mud thrown within the path of Apple iPhone. Future Ahead convention on Cellular in Seattle, he shared an expertise on the school of his daughter to the general public. Fitcher In keeping with these faculties, the liberal arts-oriented and Reed Faculty in Portland, as a result of no person iPhone. The scholars have Samsung, HTC and Chinese language manufacturers. "They stated my dad has an iPhone. "



Fichter told the Congress when he was asked about the incredible hype about the iPhone 5. Geek Wire wrote much of the conversation, where we have the following passage it:

"Apple innovates. Samsung innovate. We innovate. Everyone is innovating. And everybody does different things for the consumer. I recently took my daughter to college – she's in Portland at Reed – and I spoke a few people in her neighborhood.None of them had an iPhone. They said: "My dad has an iPhone.

There is something interesting going on in the market. The iPhone has become less cool than it was. The students had HTC's. Samsung's. Even phones of Chinese brands. If you look at the campus of a college or university, the MacBook Air is cool.iPhone's are not so cool anymore. We use iPhones, but the kids are not they just so cool. "


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