To this point, the cell boarding the biggest sensor is none instead of the Nokia N8. However that would quickly exchange if we’re to consider these few images taken by way of the Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin. The Snapshots that includes a cell HTC Windows Phone 7 smartphone offering a 12 megapixel sensor capable of taking high resolution photos (4000 x 3000) . So of course it could just as well be a fake but we will not forget to specify that Eldar's practice to nab products before they are announced by the manufacturer. What has been the case of the Nokia N8 …


It should also be aware that this case ( which is not very young because of April 2010) had almost cost him dearly. And for good reason, since he had published an unflattering article about the N8 and it was not especially pleased with Nokia, especially since he had not yet announced to the publicIn all cases, the important thing is that  we can assume that Eldar Murtazin managed to get hold of an upcoming mobile manufacturer HTC.

A mobile boarding and a 12 megapixel sensor. But be careful, because this is not the only thing that shines through in these photographs. No, that one can also notice is that the application managing the Shooting also embeds new features such as contrast control or the ability to enable the RAW format, not to mention the many options that concern the management of exposure. Strange, very strange, these two windows have very little to do with what is currently offering Windows Phone 7 and you can guess what famous mobile runs on a pre-release version of Mango.


That is the point which interests me most, actually. A big sensor, it is always interesting in terms of marketing, but not necessarily very useful in everyday life. We must not forget that the quality of optics is also important, as the stabilizer board (for video as for the photo) .However, these options interest me more famous. Indeed, they will probably have fun with amateur photographers a little more with their phones and try and shooting more original.

In short, we ask to see and learn more about the subject. What would be nice, too, is to have a glimpse of the video feature story to see if new settings have not appeared on that side …

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