HTC has announced the release of Uh-Oh Protection, a program of free replacement devices in case of accident and will be officially presented Wednesday at an event in Seattle. Because “life happens” slogan accompanying the new service, Uh-Oh Protection offers a replacement mobile phone for the first 12 months after purchase in case you suffer an accident, such as falls, water damage or shock.

During development of the presentation, the company cited the news as “Uh-oh”, which is a good thing. However, it was not revealed during transmission; the manufacturer is introducing a new smartphone protection program, called “UH OH Protection”, which will replace the M9 One if it is in trouble in the first 365 days of use.

HTC is giving you one more reason for consumers to consider your HTC One M9, which is to leave the market.

The Taiwanese handset manufacturer presented its program UH OH Protection, ensuring replace HTC One unit of M9 to any customer within the first 12 months of owning the phone, regardless of the reason, and no questions asked Wednesday. HTC said the program is available now for US customers only, and will be extended to also cover the phone One M8 M9 when it comes to market. The company has not provided information about price and availability of its new flagship phone.

UH OH represents an expansion of HTC Advantage program last year, it replaced a broken screen One M8 within the first six months. The offer, the first of its kind in the industry, demonstrates what HTC is willing to do to get attention in the crowded field of smartphones, which is dominated by Apple’s iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S line.

“This will make customers consider to HTC, which in the end will sell more HTC Ones,” said Jason Mackenzie, Business CEO of  HTC US.

The competition was red hot when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus  more popular than they had predicted even the most optimistic expectations were, and when the Galaxy S6 with a radical redesign, is about to hit the stores to from April 10.



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