Call of duty - black ops Call of Duty: Black Ops is a game we know that super sales and triumphs in the U.S. market and Reno Kingdom.

The work done by Treyarch has allowed the series follow up to earlier and even improve itif possible, something that has not been difficult.

Many have purchased the box without most of the game and have lost two special editions of this that I mentioned below.

Hardened Edit: This will find a limited edition medal until the last minute, an avatar of Black Ops and 4 maps for online.


Prestige Edition: This car comes with remote control that mimics the RC-XD we will use during the game and has a range of 60 meters. Both come with metal boxes.

The Nintendo DS version has 6 game modes online, allowing you not take off the console at any time.

In the fighter pilots to even a large-scale helicopter which will allow us to kill enemies.


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