Two months after the iPhone X presentation, Huawei has shown to the public its 3D Face Detection System that incorporates technologies similar to those seen on Face ID.

The Chinese company claims that its system with laser sensors and other technologies can offer facial sensations ten times more accurate than Apple’s Face ID.

The Huawei system uses 300,000 infrared points to capture the 3D physiognomy of the face and various expressions so as to offer potentially greater precision. The system will be used by Huawei to allow the release of smartphones, to authorize payments and to perform other operations that require authentication.


This technology takes up to 10 seconds to create the 3D model of the face during the first configuration. Subsequently, authentication takes place in 400 milliseconds. Unlike the Face ID that uses a structured light technique to measure the distortion of each spot to generate 3D face image, Huawei technology uses marginal light projection to create 3D image.

Huawei also showed its own version of Animoji, with animations that exploit the facial movements of the user. Unlike Animoji, Huawei animations are able to detect even if the user pulls out the language.

(Source: WinFuture [Google Translate])

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