Huawei caught trying to pass off DSLR images as smartphone photos


Dear smartphone manufacturers, absolutely nothing happens if your mobile phones are not the most powerful in the market, it is not so serious if your devices cameras do not capture the best selfies in the world … As consumers, we understand that there will always be phones with a hardware superior in other aspects. But, please, do not cheat customers with fake ads. It is completely illegal.

It turns out that they have hunted Huawei using one of these fraudulent practices in the marketing of one of their products. The company has been caught falsifying the selfies of its commercial spots. That is, instead of using the front camera of the Nova 3, they have used a DSLR camera to offer superior image quality.

Apple has published dozens of ads promoting the camera of its iPhone, but never had the need to use digital cameras to deceive consumers.

Moreover, the company of the bitten apple has even come to use photographs taken by iPhone users in their ads, as in the “Shot on iPhone” campaign.

Watch the commercial spot in which Huawei has used a DSLR camera to promote the quality of the images taken on its Huawei Nova 3:

(via: Engadget)

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