Huge Mobile Rise Using Hotmail with iOS 5


Because the launch of iOS 5 , it is easier to get a Hotmail account to. The mail service will appear between the predefined default accounts you can add when you add an address to iOS 5. With positive effects on the mail service: According to Microsoft, a total of two million users with Hotmail set iOS 5. A day per one hundred thousand Hotmail users set their account to iOS 5.


According to Microsoft, 40 percent of Hotmail users with an iPhone iOS 5 4. 24 percent would be an iPhone 4S and use half of that is in possession of an iPhone 3G. If you wanted to set iOS 4 Hotmail with an iPhone, iPad  or iPod touch, you had to
do with Exchange. 
What you had to fill out this was less obvious than with the new option, you just let your Hotmail account information below.

To set up your Hotmail account, go into the Settings screen of your iPhone to go. Here, press' e-mail, contacts, calendars, and then go to "Add Account …" goes. Here you can select from to use Hotmail email service.

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