Hydrogen battery to charge the iPhone for up to a week



How about charging the iPhone 6s once a week? We know, that would be the dream come true! Well, the British firm Intelligent Energy have worked closely with Apple to design a prototype iPhone 6 equipped with a hydrogen battery, no larger than the lithium-ion battery installed in the current iPhone.

The problem is that the system requires an output port to the water vapor generated by the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. To do this, the company has added two small fans to the unit’s rear – without unduly affecting the actual design of the iPhone 6. In addition, the system consists of a rechargeable battery and a micro hydrogen fuel cell that needs to be changed every 7 days (for normal use). Clearly, it would have to buy a battery every week – uh … not sure this is the best idea of ​​the year!

Although the idea seems good because everyone wants a week of autonomy, it is not said that users will buy a device that requires the purchase of recharge regularly. It is necessary that this system is still sufficiently studied to be viable on the market. For this reason, the company spokesman said that “marketing may not be made in a few years.” But so many turn to external batteries as they already exist, and which many iPhone users already own.

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