HYPER’s new iStick – First USB stick with a Lightning connector



iStick provides more memory to the iPhone and iPad thanks to Lightning connector. Current devices of all firms , including Apple , are committed to advancing the development of many of its essential to continue gaining market share issues. One of these parameters that sometimes jumps on stage is memory, and although they introduce producers provide for solutions and progress, chances are the third leading firms turn the matter. Precisely, the big news this time with respect to all the Apple devices, namely the iPhone , iPod touch and iPad, has to do with the beginning of the project that seeks to produce the so-called ” iStick ” . Specifically , it is one Flash memory devices manufactured by the company Hyper , whose mission is to grant us more capacity in our iOS devices.

iStick – Memory – Removable – iPhone

iStick , an initiative designed to KickStarter and iOS devices. One of the most relevant news about the iStick has to do with a project that has been promoted through the famous web KickStarter.com where various initiatives , many of them related to technology are financed. It is best that iStick is sponsored mostly well , because Apple has already granted the MFi certification, allowing you to later use in their own products.

Moreover, what we know is that iStick be available with two different types of connections : the first is through the USB classic, and the second by Ligthning system , so it will be compatible with the following Apple devices : iPhone 5 , iPhone 5S, 5C iPhone , iPad 4, iPad mini , mini iPad Retina , iPad and iPod touch Air . What is the advantage ? Carrying the memory of 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB to 128 GB maximum unabashedly .

Other features of iStick

Following benefits and details about iStick , we have to mention having good finishes in the segment of memory expansion . In USB , its data speeds are 12 MB ​​/ s read and 7.5 MB / s write ; and in the case of Lightning connector , we can have a write speed of 1.9 MB / s 2.5 MB / s read . Also we will get them in plastic or aluminum , although its weight is expected not to exceed ten grams .

But surely iStick Hyper will be useful to transfer data quickly between devices or as a simple extension of capacity to iPhone or iPad.
Shown on Kickstarter, if really needed financing or that the product shown interest and have left doubts. The goal of $100,000 has been overcome so just have to wait to hit stores. Or any of the manufacturers with experience in these storage media launch equivalent versions.

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