I0n1c posted jailbroken iPhone 5c photo on iOS 7.1.1



Stefan Esser , better known under the nickname i0n1c, to jailbreak the operating system iOS 7.1.1. This is evidenced by the screenshot on Sunday published a hacker to Twitter.

Esser posted a screenshot jailbreak store Cydia, running on iPhone 5c. According to the inscription on the screen , smart phone works on the iOS 7.1.1 firmware, version of Cydia – 1.1.9. Esser said that the exploit to jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 is not based on a long chain vulnerabilities , but uses only one kernel bug .

Apple distributed software update iOS 7.1.1, designed for mobile devices company , on April 22. Visible change in the firmware were only one thing: the App Store directly under the price tag label application appeared “Embedded purchases.” In addition, the firmware fixed crash disruptive virtual keyboard iPhone and iPad, Improved Bluetooth- enabled keyboard commands entered by sonication and scanner Touch ID.

Esser often makes provocative statements . In late April, he called iOS 7.1.1 firmware “unjailbreakable”, stating that the jailbreak will not work ever.

The releasing i0n1c exploit for hacking iOS 7.1.1, is still unknown. i0n1c no longer a jailbreak creates solutions . He ceased to play an important role in the jailbreak community after helping with the release of the jailbreak for iOS 4.3. Since then he has not worked with any Evad3rs members, nor with other teams of hackers.

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