i4Siri Siri provides you virtually the whole lot on the Apple hardware units, with out the use of Apple servers. i4Siri + Spire = Siri would be the answer? Obviously this combination will offer a free  proxy server to run Siri! 




With that, I am happy to say, we will NOT be removing any API access. Limitations will be enforced however. We will be releasing advanced profile management tools, so you can see you usage stats, favorite sayings, and other cool stuff. All of this helps us build a better i4Siri, and helps us give you a better experience.

The current version is and remains free of charge, just a few features are still missing. 

the project is already in the beta phase, and users who have donated in the past, a small donation to the project team can see the Siri server free trial. So far, though still no official release date is known, but very likely the project will be in a few weeks for all the users free of charge are available. 

i4Siri also not used the normal Siri servers from Apple, but avoids the problems directly with the authentication process from Apple. The future servers will not provide the connection to the Apple server, but uses the API of Google Voice to convert speech into text.

Then the converted text is sent back to the proxy server and then developed with the help of "Siri proxy plug-ins" processed. As a result, then the appropriate response back to the particular iDevice sent and displayed on the iPhoneThis possibility is in comparison to all other legal and that is also the server is no longer the company from Cupertino-dependent and also requires no authentication key from an iPhone 4S more.

Although the team had to program your own version of Siri, but it could have many functions can be implemented quickly and i4Siri likely compete with the official release from Apple, or even better

Step 1: Add the following source in Cydia: http://i4siri.com/repo




Step 2: Search and install i4Siri, Spire will install automatically (Caution installing Spire takes time, however, you must disable the auto lock in Settings> General> Auto Lock.> Never)

Step 3: Go to Settings> General> Enable and Siri it and change the language in English

Step 4: Go now has Settings> i4Siri and tap install Certificate and confirm




[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fflV-TSZYWs] 


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