Ian Beer’s New VFS Exploit Make iOS 11.3.1-centric Jailbreak Projects Easier


Ian Beer released VFS Exploit, and no developer account is needed. Along with that, Jonathan Levin reports “LiberiOS and LiberTV compatible with iOS 11.3.1”.

houdini-1131The Electra team currently bothered by the trouble of remounting the root also reported the possibility of diverting the method in LiberiOS.

Jonathan Levin, who has released “LiberIOS” for iOS and “LiberTV” for tvOS as a jailbreak for developers, reports schedule on iOS 11.3.1 compliance.

According to Jonathan Levin, “We are planning to update LiberiOS and LiberTV soon.” Although the concrete dates and the like are not always as usual, is there an atmosphere where updates are coming soon?


It seems that switching from multi-path can be done smoothly.

By the way, QiLin is like a project name that summarizes the methods used for Liber IOS and others.

Using VFS Exploit (empty_list) means … no developer account required!


As with jailbreak so far, you will be able to install and use ipa file release and Cydia.

It is a remount of root (rootfs) which has become a hot topic for the past few days, but it seems to be “corresponding” also about this.

The Electra team seems to be suffering from various troubles using the method published by Mr. Spark … … Where is Jonathan Levin wondering whether this is another method or whether the problem could be solved?

“LiberIOS” and “LiberTV” are jailbreak tools for developers as before. Cydia etc. are not included and only SSH connection etc is possible.

As for the ordinary jailbreak, the Electra team is currently working, so let’s wait for that release.
However, we will introduce a bit in the next section, but also for those waiting for.

Although it was mentioned a little in the previous section, the Electra team suffers from a bug related to remount of root.
CoolStar reported that he may divert “Jonathan Levin’s remounting of root adopted by Liber IOS”, he said.

It is unknown what kind of method Liber IOS is, but it may be predicted that there will be fewer bugs than Spark’s method.

Well, the Electra team itself has no hand to do …? It seems that it does not seem to be “possessing an undisclosed method (0 day)”.

However, this method has not been fixed at iOS 11.4 & iOS 12.0 Beta 1, and if it is used with iOS 11.3.1 it should definitely be fixed at the time of official release of iOS 12.0.

Therefore, if possible, I want to keep the method that I own for iOS 12.x Jailbreak…etc. There seems to be such a reason, it seems to want to divert root remounting method adopted by Liber IOS.

Liber IOS itself will be for developers not shipped with Cydia etc, but there is a possibility that it will affect Electra development as well, and expectation is great!
After that, if the remounting method of Liber IOS does not suffer with the undisclosed method owned by the Electra team.

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