ibattz ASAP Power Pack Can Charge Your iPhone 6 full 15 minutes.



This Portable Power Pack Charger from ibattz  is very interesting. It can fully charge the iPhone 6 in just 15 minutes . We’ve all been in the situation of being away from home and iPhone with battery levels in critical condition, being an annoying problem. Nothing better than an external battery to charge the phone when we are away from home and do not have a power supply which connect the charger or we simply do not boot up.


There are other models of external battery on the market, but none like ibattz model, which allows us to charge the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus in just fifteen minutes record time.

ibattz-asap-charger-2-1There is also a model with twice the capacity, 11,200 mAh, which enables you to make more of a burden. The trouble is we do not know anything about the approximate price or release date. But a product with these features seems to us that it will not be cheap when itis launched.

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