The new iPhone game controller Icade Mobile is now to order at ThinkGeek . Connected to the  iPhone via Bluetooth using this controller. It enhances the gaming experience on the iPhone and iPod by adding a d-pad, four action buttons and four triggers. Everything can be used both vertically and horizontally. It uses bluetooth and is compatible with over a hundred games.  A special rotating piece in the middle makes the iPhone in both landscape and portrait mode as you can position the controller.


The ICADE Mobile is certainly not the first physical controller for the iPhone. Last year even the iControlpad , a gamepad where your iPhone is at the top. You can also for example the drone use with the iPhone for gaming while a separate controller. The ICADE Mobile distinguishes itself from the competition by the iPhone in both portrait and landscape mode to confirm. This allows you the controller to use more types of games.

A developer must have support for the Icade controller implement his or her game, you want to use the gamepad. Some games support the Icade , because the developer has previously include an arcade cabinet for the iPad made. You can order Icade Mobile for $ 70 at ThinkGeek .  


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