Ice Cream Sandwich available on the Nexus S


Considering that&#a hundred and sixty;the unveiling of the Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich , your little heart is beating very hard and you will be dying to get their hands on the latest version of Google Android . No luck, you have a poorNexus S in your possession and frozen dessert is not yet available. Fortunately, we can
always count on the guys at 
XDA Developers and members of the famous forum have been working on porting Ice Cream Sandwich on the Nexus S from the SDK available for a while. Although it seems rather well.


And attention because our guys did a great job. Based on the Build 14 SDK Ice Cream Sandwich (which does not necessarily have all the functions of the final version, QED) , they have managed to run the latest version of Google Android on their Nexus S. Yes, contrary to the project for the Samsung S Galaxy , this is a fully functional and therefore carry a ROM that you can use daily! Oh my god , as is fantastic, Ice Cream Sandwich
before everyone, it's something to be excited as a Greek to a referendum, right?

From all we know, some bugs may still remain. It would appear that the Bluetooth does not work any more than the Panorama mode . Also note that the camera may freeze from time to time but this is a price to pay prices given the fact that this ROM you will probably nab Geekette full of social gatherings in Paris. And yes, friends, because there's nothing sexier than a early adopter , inevitably, even the guy who scratches his melancholy on the beaches of Southern France can not compete with those who have enough cojones to risk the lives of their mobile phones to spread the word to the whole world.

And besides, if some of you have taken the plunge, it would be great class to make us a little history (Ice Cream Sandwich, eh, not drag your sessions) .


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