Ice Cream Sandwich Beta model for the Samsung S2 Galaxy


After the good issues of  CyanogenMod developers  to get the new operating system on the Samsung Galaxy S2 to run, there is finally some good news. The Insider of SamMobiles have published in Twitter that the first beta version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 has arrived. At the
end of the week this version will be released for download. After this publication, we can assume that in the near future, a stable version is available.


In this beta version of Android 4.0 is already the Samsung TouchWiz interface has been implemented. Unfortunately, the surface of the visual highlights hidden by Ice Cream Sandwich. In the background, however, is the true system running TouchWiz and can be switched off no later than one root.

This version is for any modder, especially for the CyanogenMod developers that are specific to the version 9, very important. Because it can damage the existing driver issues are resolved. Although this release, not all components are present, it is a big step in the right direction.


According to a tweet by SamMobiles added in this release finally works and the microphone. This would eliminate the developer of CyanogenMod their issue with this component. The quality of the camera should still be time to go very badly, but to be remedied before the official update.


If the beta officially available, we will provide appropriate guidance for the installation.


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