Ice Cream Sandwich will be deployed only on the Nexus S


Now that the Nexus Prime … well the Prime Galaxy came out, you may want to change your Nexus S age. Yes but if it is not the case, then the following new risk of interest to you, since Google said Ice Cream Sandwich is actually made ​​very soon on the Nexus S. We suspected a little, it's true, but it's always nice to have confirmation, right, especially since the Nexus S will not be the only mobile to take advantage of the latest version of Google Android

Samsung-galaxy-nexus-640x480 (1)

And no, in fact, all the mobile turning Gingerbread will be able to enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich ! There, of course, you will not miss to object that it is not yet deployed on all mobiles that are eligible and that the fragmentation of Google Android is a real problem. You absolutely right, friends, especially since it depends still a lot of our friends operators, but if your mobile is supposed to run Gingerbread, then there is a good chance that it can also rotate Ice Cream Sandwich.

This is important because some manufacturers have a habit of leaving behind their older phones. Examples include RIM because it is frankly the best example in this regard. There, at least, Google think anyone who does not have crippling millions and it's still a very good thing.After, what I would like to know is if Ice Cream Sandwich will also be deployed on the Nexus.And apparently, according to Engadget , Google does not know anything yet.


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