After the reputable unencumber of the Galaxy Nexus , the first port of MIUI firmware on the then latest Android smartphone have surfaced. Unfortunately, these ports were very disappointing and shone more by their various crashes, than by the known performance of the MIUI-ROMs. For this reason, the ROMs for everyday use in any case, for a first insight into the latest version MIUI they were sufficient. 

Ice Cream Sandwich with MIUI firmware officially available for Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy Nexus

Previously,  the official Galaxy MIUI Nexus firmware was released and is available on the Chinese developers website forge for download. For most users, which is the newest version already on their MIUI Galaxy Nexus have installed, the installation went without problems. The first test runs were very positive, find out when using the launcher, there will be some stuttering when scrolling through the pages. By the problem of the launcher, many users still far from this custom firmware will hold, because this is the ease of use, of course, limited.


For anyone who still chooses the firmware MIUI, we have created a little guide. If you followed these instructions step by step, you'll have no problems with the installation of custom ROMs.

Despite the fairly simple instructions and the finished version of the firmware, we recommend that you install a custom ROM for advanced users only, as can occur with the installation. It should also be performed before installing any other firmware to complete the backup, it evolves in any problems, no data loss. The backup can be performed with either titanium or backup on the ClockworkMod recovery.


Step 1:
Download the firmware from MIUI the developer website: nexus GSM MIUI Galaxy . Then you have downloaded the "*. Zip" file, copy it to your phone.

Step 2:
Boot into the nexus of the Galaxy ClockworkMod recovery. You should not have installed the CWM, you can do this using these instructions: CWM installation on your Android smartphone
Step 3:
First, all Wipes are performed in order then to install the firmware.  
Step 4:

Once the installation is successful, you'll have to restart your machine and you can use MIUI.


WARNING: Flashing the firmware will void your warranty we do not assume any responsibility for this!


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