iCloud Free Whilst you Purchase the Mac OS X Lion


Figuring out that iCloud will be unveiled at the upcoming WWDC and that it will be held June 6, lots of rumors and rumors of corridor may wash over the canvas in the coming days. This time, Apple Insider continues its initiated by issuing a hypothesis rather interesting. Indeed, they say,could be proposed icloud gratuitemen t to all persons passing on Mac OS X Lion . Obviously, this is the kind of things we love to hear …


Specifically, icloud would replace MobileMe so it's the latter who would become free to express condition to buy Mac OS X Lion. Those wishing to stay in Snow Leopard should therefore continue to pay subscription service, or 79 euros per year. Important point, what we would pay then it would not be the usual services available with MobileMe (online storage, push email, synchronization of address book, calendar synchronization, photo gallery, etc …) but did although the subscription music solution cloud of the firm . In practice, this would not change much but it should still be emphasized because it's been a while now that we hear that MobileMe could become free.

Remains just know how much Mac OS X Lion. And then, inevitably, we do not know anything.However, what to remember is that Mac OS X Snow Leopard had been offered 29 euros for his release. A correct sum, certainly, but it was ultimately a big change in Leopard and nothing says that Leo will be offered at this price. That said, when you think about operating systems, is what ultimately cost less at the firm so we can remain optimistic on the issue. Especially if Apple decides to offer it on the Mac App Store, then chances are that you can enjoy a little more advantageous rates again.

As for our friends who are working exclusively on Windows, it is needless to say they will find themselves housed in the same boat as those wishing to stay on Mac OS X Snow Leopard.You'll understand if they want to take advantage of opportunities (many, hopefully) icloud, well they will have no choice but to leave the credit card and checkout. Besides, when you think Apple might be interested in reaching out to them, right?

At least we do not know about you, but I'm really really looking forward to next Monday.Between iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion icloud, I sincerely think we might get our money. And what would be even better, of course, is that the next iPhone will also be presented at this event.

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