Apple has opened iCloud Beta bought just lately put during the area can now get entry to their e-mail, calendar, tackle ebook and iWork documents via a web interfaceMoreover, prices for additional storage space now known. icloud comes with 5 GB of storage for email, documents, and backing up. The storage for photos of the photostream has thereby not count.



 As a reminder this new platform will allow users to store their online music library, listen to their songs streaming, or synchronize the data managed by IOS their productivity applications, to access at any time through their Apple ID. New Fee Schedule Several screenshots released yesterday, icloud thus gives access to Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and the "Find My iPhone" (as service) and that to work with the iWork productivity software suite.

Do you want more storage, you will pay before for the following:


  • Additional 10GB: $20 per year (total 15 GB)
  • Extra 20GB: $40 per year (total 25 GB)
  • 50 GB Extra: $100 per year (total 55 GB)

In the U.S. you pay $ 20, respectively, $ 40 and $ 100 for this extra storage space. If you go you'll see the following interface:


After logging in you will see a row of icons at the top, as this article demonstrates. The interface makes a number of issues to think about IOS, but you can still do much. However, there are already pages for example, Pages (to find a link to more information and the Pages app for iOS):



By snooping in the source code, we discovered that iCloud. Com was coded in HTML5. When we know Apple is not surprising since Steve Jobs and continues to promote its mobile products with HTML5, among others. Therefore, the site is very fluid, with several effects which give an aspect of springboard, like iOSIf you have a developer account, go take a look at Apple's latest baby: .


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