iCloud is now officially active, what can you do with it?


Beginning lately, iOs 5 and icloud is available, after several long months of waiting. For developers and well-informed is perhaps already clear what iOS 5 and icloud entail. But have you waiting all this time and do not know exactly what icloud now can do for you? Fear not, this article will explain to you what the most visible benefits and the benefits are hidden under the hood of the virtual cloud that icloud hot.



MobileMe and icloud

MobileMe users, like developers, already familiar with some features of icloud. Thus, the components icloud like MobileMe Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and also from  iOS 5 Memories. When Apple gave Steve Jobs icloud announced that MobileMe does not become the product that he previously had in mind. MobileMe had often faced with problems which such service was not always accessible. Our (and probably Steve’s) hope is that icloud will do a lot better. In the same keynote, Apple also indicated that MobileMe users were free to transfer their account to icloud, but it did take some waiting. Since yesterday it is finally possible to transfer data to your icloud, via the special ” relocation site “from Apple.

Web Applications

MobileMe users used them already, but with the launch of icloud, these Web applications available to everyone. We are talking about Mail, Contacts and Calendar. Useful when your iPhone is empty and you really just need to look at your calendar. In addition to these standard applications you can also find the documents you provide through the iWork applications saved. Finally, you can use the website of icloud, the function Find My iPhone. This feature allows you to see what the last known location of your iDevice, such as when you’re lost your iPhone, or at worst, it was stolen. These web applications are available at iCloud.com and are available today to everyone.

One of the advantages of icloud you might not initially directly to the service attribute. Thanks toiTunes in the cloud , you can now in the App Store on your iPhone a complete list of applications you have previously purchased or installed. Furthermore, by this new technology is now also possible to music, books and other apps automatically on your IOS devices to download.According to Jobs, the first in the music industry that you have multiple downloads on multiple devices without any extra you have to pay. This part of icloud has also been active for some time as a public beta test.

Documents and data icloud

To transfer files from your iPad to your iPhone, we were so far dependent on File Sharing, iTunes and external cloud services like Dropbox. With the launch of icloud Apple takes away some of this discomfort. You do not anymore you to transfer files manually from your iPhone to your desktop for example, because they are automatically enabled if your icloud saved. Even if you edit a file in such directory, the latest version of the file using icloud desktop is automatically sent to your computer. This convenient way of files up to date on icloud works on iPhones and iPads themselves.

For applications from developers has added advantages. Apple has given developers access to the API ‘s so that apps like Quickoffice for iPhone can store their files on icloud. Now iOS 5 and icloud officially live, many apps are expected to offer support for icloud.

iTunes backups iCloud



For iPhone and iPod touch owners who do not often back up their iDevice or this (often) forget to do icloud has a lot to offer. With icloud because you can set an automatic backup of your iPhone made ​​when it is connected to a power source such as your desktop computer or from the outlet and an Internet connection via Wi-Fi is. Of course it is still possible to use iTunes backup. The backup is stored in icloud can be used to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPhone restore them when you unexpectedly away from your computer, but connected to the Internet.

Photo Stream


It’s probably unusual for a picture quickly you want to transfer, but you just is not currently sync cable with you. Thanks Photostream you do not worry more to make, because if you turn this feature turned on, your photos are automatically uploaded to icloud and you can reach iPhoto on the Mac or the Pictures folder in Windows Vista or Windows 7 look. Thanks icloud automatically all the photos on your desktop computer. To save space on your iPhone will now only see pictures and images that are up to 30 days old.


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