icloud will scan your iTunes library to replicate titles


Apple could neatly take a significant part over its rivals in relation to musical cloud. Businessweek whom we owe a strong rumors in recent years, announces today be able to describe the music service in the prepare cloud that Apple, and aptly named as "icloud. This service could go further than similar systems from Amazon and Google through agreements with the majors.


According to 3 person with knowledge of many details, thanks to the license obtained with the majors such as EMI and Sony and Warner, Apple will be able to scan the iTunes library customers to quickly replicate on its own servers. Better if the sound quality of a song on the user's hard disk is not good, Apple will be able to replace it with a higher quality version. So those obtained with difficulites license that will make the most of this new iTunes / icloud compared to the competition (Google and Amazon Music Beta Cloud). Users of this service can stream their music when they want directly onto their computers, iPhone, iPad and one day even their car.

For their part, Amazon and Google, failing to have signed agreements with the majors, are limited to a digital locker as Dropbox, which provide an interface suited to the music. We must therefore go through the tedious step of sending pieces of its hard disk to the servers of Amazon or Google.

With specific agreements in hand, Apple may simply scan the iTunes library and instantly provide a mirrored version online using master files whose quality can be changed in real time. Only snag is that the entire library is available, or just songs purchased from the iTunes Store? Apple should rest and take a clear advantage, which could force Google and Amazon get out their checkbooks and bend to the will of the majors to fight Apple on an equal footing.

As a reminder, all indications are that Apple will introduce this new service Cloud Music a few days for the WWDC'11, following the acquisition of the domain icloud. com with Apple.

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