Would you love to look iMessages and SMS to your iPhone be deleted in a single single click on? Generally, it’s a must to swipe and press the delete button. An attractive cumbersome course of if you wish to delete your entire earlier conversations. The jailbreak tweak iDelete-MSG provides a button to the Messaging application, which you at once if you delete your  e-mail.


The delete button iDelete-MSG appears when you click the Change button in the upper left messages suppressed. Then you only need to tap for all your messages and delete iMessages. This is useful when you want to erase everything for example space on your iPhone. Beware: the app does not require an extra time for confirmation before he knew your posts.

iDelete-MSG will be especially helpful if you would have an empty inbox: after all, only the tweak adds a button to all your messages at once removed. If you prefer to keep a select number of SMS, then you better call one at a time.

iDelete-MSG is a free download via the BigBoss repository and requires at least iOS 5


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