iHackintosh staff launched iDeneb Combo Improve package 10.5.7 identical to Kalyway 10.5.three bundle. For the reason that it’s a combo bundle so you could replace from any of your 10.5.X hackintosh to 10.5.7 with a single package deal. This equipment additionally helps different OSx86 distro like Kalyway, Leo4All, iATKOS, iPC. Now i m reinstalling iPC 10.5.6 again and i’ll upgrade again to 10.5.7 and share my experience in the same post here. You can download this kit from ihackintosh.org or do a simple search on Demonoid or BTjunkie.

This is iDeneb Combo Upgrade KIT 10.5.7 ( Intel/AMD, SSE2/SSE3 ), developed by Layne, graphic by Cri900 and contains:

•    iDeneb.MacOSx86UpdCombo10.5.7.pkg
•    iDeneb.Tool.rev1.mpkg
•    Extensions Disabled

This KIT allow to update your version Mac OS X to 10.5.7 using iDeneb.MacOSx86UpdCombo10.5.7.pkg and you can boot the system with voodoo kernel typing voodoo,or with AnV XNU 1.4 kernel typing anv or with Vanilla kernel typing vanilla on the boot prompt.
With iDeneb.Tool.rev1.mpkg you can install some kext excluded from update 10.5.7:

  • ACPI Kext 10.5.6
  • AppleSMBIOS

You can also install:

  • PS2Fix for ACPI Kext 10.5.7
    • MouseFix
    • KeyboardFix
  • oldHPET
  • IOUSBFamilyFix
  • NvidiaID

You can setup the kernel voodoo or AnV kernel like kernel by default using the voices under the menu kernel.
You can also install Chameleon 1.0.12.
You can find all extensions excluded in the folder Extensions Disabled.


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