Quadrocopter, they’re drones, is rapidly gaining popularity not only among geeks and lovers of powered flight, but also the broad masses. German designer Eric Hizman suggested that such a promising niche market may be interested in the apple company.

A drone is a small flying vehicle, usually equipped with four engines and their propellers to keep in flight with sufficient stability to allow air to do things like record videos without any vibration. In the market there are many of these vehicles, many brands, and today are used in all types of video productions as well as an individual, for fun.

iDrone today flying for 4 screws drones used in industry, military affairs and entertainment. The majority of such devices are equipped with powerful cameras and used to review inaccessible areas or create aerial photographs of large objects.


Many of them can be controlled from an iPhone, but this is not the subject of this article; what we show in these pictures is the aspect that would have one of these machines if Apple had designed. It is the first design concept of a hypothetical Apple drone.

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