No longer lower than 450,000 functions it’s now that you can imagine to search out on the App Retailer. A determine that speaks for itself and proves that the Apple platform an enormous success with publishers and unbiased builders. With this in thoughts, a Geek’s intention is to design an iOS emulator can function on three main working methods market (Home windows, Mac OS and Linux) … but additionally on Google Android! A venture named amusingly audacious iEmu and is arguably now on kickstarter.



In other words, Chris Wade, the name of the Geek, is likely to have a timetable for its fully charged next month. Indeed, to date, all the technical specifications of the chipset used byApple were not made ​​public. This therefore means that Chris will have to evolve blind to achieve complete this project. However, when we know that the guy has worked in the past on the jailbreak of the iPhone, we say that our developer has every chance of finally being able to reach his goals.

To do so, he decided to build on open source emulator that some of you may know, that QEMU. This virtual machine makes it possible to operate one or more operating systems on a different OS. Interestingly, if we are to believe the Wikipedia page dedicated to this emulator, then the operating systems running in the virtual machine need not be adapted to work properly.Everything will be Chris, so is finding a solution to emulate iDevices processors and to manage the different connection interfaces they offer. And that’s not bad, eh …

The interest of iEmu is multiple. If the project comes to an end, then this could be paid to our operating systems, certainly, but also on other platforms in the market, as Google Android .This would allow applications to access certain proprietary IOS (we think much to Instagram)from a single androphone. Similarly, with a tool like iEmu, developers wishing to work on IOS will need either a Mac , or a iDevice to work on their projects.

If you are interested, you can go visit the complete brief kickstarter . For now, iEmu has already managed to raise just over $ 6,000 but the ceiling for the project is $ 20,000 so you can always take it. And finally, we will certainly not of course wish good luck to Chris Wade.Yes, because he will still need …


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