The iPhone, the new drug today?


If Some sellers provide the iPhone like a drug , some individuals would you be a consumer. It’s a query that the reply could resolve your character and the way it has developed over time. The Related Press, an American information company, has just lately proven that the smartphone (eg iPhone) has turn out to be an actual social phenomenon. Even worse, everybody has it. Youngsters, adults, retirees.


Who never throws a glance at its smartphone in the morning, in between classes (even worse, during the course itself)? For those in the workplace during the coffee break?Everyone. One wonders if the smartphone is not the cigarette of the future.

You may want to know if you are a true addict (you are on the right site, by the way)?Answer these questions:

  • IPhone you know it better than your / your: spouse, parents, friends or significant other in your life?
  • Have you ever misplaced or lost your iPhone into thinking it was the end of the world?
  • iPhone he has a name?
  • Interchange you often different shells and protections so that it has the allure?
  • Do you take your iPhone while starting something to prevent a glance or a conversation with someone?
You answered "yes" to one or more times? You are addicted. If you were not aware, it might be time to think about …[via Appadvice]

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