iFixit disassembled the budget iPod touch 5G [Photos]


ifixit-iPod-Touch- 5th-generation

Not even a week after its release, It didn’t take iFixit long before they disassembled the newly release budget iPod touch 5th generation with 16 GB of memory selling for $299. Detailed description of how the need to disassemble the device and that he expects a curious person inside, appeared on the website.

Apple had to sacrifice not only a part of the solid-state memory, but the main camera (front left), and a strap to be worn on the wrist and the ability to choose the color of the body from a wide range – this version is offered only player in the silver version.

ifixit  iPod touch 5th generation

Also,  the new model of iPod touch 5G runs on A5 chip with a frequency of 800 MHz and has 512 MB of RAM from Hynix. The same processor fitted with iPad mini, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. The memory module is enclosed in a single housing with the chip

ifixit  iPod touch 5th generation

In iPod touch 5G uses flash memory NAND flash production company Toshiba. And, logically, inside was not the main camera iSight, and the cables and fasteners at this place was slightly modified. In case there is no strap hole.

ifixit  iPod touch 5th generation

It is noted that the iPod touch 5G mounted less reliable compared to the iPhone  5th generation, the button Home, the design of which has been modified to suit the thickness of a small device (6.1 mm). Despite the radical improvement of Retina-display with increased up to 4 inches diagonal in the player, the quality of construction, it lags behind the LCD panel used in the iPhone  5th generation.

ifixit  iPod touch 5th generation

iFixit notes the identical downside with the finances maintainability iPod contact – on this indicator edition is just not a pacesetter, deserving best three factors out of a that you can imagine 10. For comparability, the iPhone 5 on the benefit of disassembly awarded as a lot as 7 factors

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