iFixit, better known for tearing down consumer electronic trends,  finally got their hand s ion the iPad mini with retina display; which is the second-gen of Apple mini tablet that went on sale yesterday. Some components that make up the device has already been known. Although, iFixit found a number of details without interest .

iPad mini with Retina display seems to have a larger Battery 24.3 Wh , while the first-gen used by the battery 16.3 W * h  capacity. Thus , Apple was able to increase the performance of the device is located ultra-sharp display, without sacrificing battery life.

IPad mini processor called the A7 and the index has been developed APL0698 Apple, but it is the manufacturer by Samsung. The same chip used in the iPhone 5s. At the same time , which is typical, with a full-sized tablet iPad Air a more powerful version of the APL5698. The motherboard of the new iPad mini were found Elpida RAM module of 1 GB flash memory chip Toshiba 16GB and co-processor Apple M7 production NXP.

During the study Hoca iPad mini with Retina display experts said such a plus, as an opportunity to change the panel and LCD screen separately. Significantly, it is easy to replace , and a battery that is not soldered to the motherboard or other components. Evaluation of maintainability of the new iPad mini with  retina screen was only 2 points out of possible 10 .



IPad-mini-2-Retina-iFixit-teardown-003 IPad-mini-2-Retina-iFixit-teardown-002

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