iFixit takes apart the Apple’s iPad Pro Smart Keyboard



iFixit did the teardown of the $169 Smart Keyboard accessory created specifically for the new iPad Pro. The component parts of the Smart Keyboard are completely glued together, which makes its maintenance impossible. The team at iFixit, after each teardown, assigns a score on the ‘serviceability’ of each scanned device: 10 means that it is easy to repair, 0 obviously the opposite. The score of the Smart Keyboard?


The keyboard (model A1636) has the new Apple Smart Connector, useful for the power supply and the connection of data without the need for a coupling via Bluetooth, it has a total of 64 keys, and is resistant to water and stains.

The synthetic high-tech Apple (probably nylon), ‘fixed’ all components and at the same time a protection against water and stains. Inside they are of conductive fibers for the power supply of the keyboard.


Another interesting thing is that the Smart Keyboard offers a huge circuit board that runs through the accessory and which connects to a total of 64 switches, the same that we find inside the MacBook 2015. On the circuit board, the team iFixit STM32F103VB what chipset, clocked at 72 MHz.

“Although it is very durable, you can not be opened without damaging the keyboard. This means that none of the internal components can be replaced without destroying the device, “concludes iFixit.

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