apple watch teardown

A new Apple device is here! And of course iFixit takes apart the Apple Watch. The repair experts work all the way from Australia to get all the other Teardowns before. The most important finding: Everything is very small.

iFixit cooperates with MacFixIt Australia to have completed the Apple Watch teardown before the release. The repair experts take apart a silver apple sport.

The bracelet shows once again that the final Apple Watch also has a diagnostic or maintenance port. The removal of the strap designed to be simple, the next steps will be more complicated.

The Apple Watch can only be opened by removing the screen, what initially softening the adhesive is required by heat. The display is connected via a cable to the logic board, which must be carefully removed. Next is to the battery with 205 mAh.

Below the battery then there is the smallest tri-wing screw that ever saw the iFixit experts. To cope with this, they had to hone their small screwdriver once.
The other components are very small and delicate: if the microphone cable, the Taptic engine is connected to the speaker between the housing parts. To the latter there is a rubber band to protect against ingress of water. The antennas are recessed into the housing wall. The device for the mechanical button is so small that it as “a phone for ants” looks like. Behind other ants screws then are the contacts for the diagnostic port.

After removal of the sensor for digital Crown – similar to the encoder system Nest Thermostat – provides access to the heart of Apple Watch possible with Apple S1 chip – the board, however, can hardly be removed without damage to the wreak watch.

Beneath are the sensors on the bottom of Apple Watch. Interestingly, it is the pulse sensor is a pulse oximeter is, could also measure the oxygen saturation of the blood.

A repair, especially in the deeper layers of the device is likely to be almost impossible. Therefore, customers of Apple Watch Edition can hardly get hardware upgrades for their gold case.

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