iFixit tear-down the Apple iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case



iFixit, this time got their hands on the new iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case that Apple released last Tuesday.  The Smart Battery Case ensures up to 25 extra hours of talk time, 18 hours of Internet use by LTE / 4G networks and up to 20 hours of video playback. Thanks to the material used in the manufacture of this device, elastomer, remove and insert the iPhone 6 / 6s it is simple.

The guys at iFixit showed, what many users expected and is none other than under the silicone layer found an ordinary battery above can not be repaired but replaced but due to the hermetic seal that offers us any change that brings the Smart Battery Case. The 1877 mAh battery is somewhat higher than the iPhone 6 series, 1750 mAh offers us and gives us an extra 80% of battery life.


We found next to the battery charging chip NXP 1608A1 charge of managing the energy that comes to the battery to be charged and to display information concerning the term in the control center of our device. Following the tradition, iFixit has returned to give a note of two out of ten in terms of repair. The battery can be replaced without the coating on which is, hence the note is so low, although the main component thereof can be replaced.

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