iFixit Teardown The iPhone SE

After Chipworks took the first look inside, iFixit did not waste time to teardown the new iPhone SE to discover what kind of  hardware is hidden inside.

iFixit teardown the iPhone SE to show what we already knew. The the same A9 processor  like iPhone 6s, LPDDR4 2GB of RAM, the same driver for the touch screen that includes the iPhone 5s.

Compared to the iPhone SE teardown yesterday, there are no particular news: A9 processor, 2GB RAM, the 5s touchscreen controller, modem Qualcomm MDM9625M. Also confirmed the 12-megapixel camera taken directly from the iPhone 6s.

Even the iPhone SE camera has been equipped with a different connector to not allow the mounting on the iPhone 5s. Another difference is the Lightning connector that is slightly different from the iPhone 5s. Even the power button failed the test iFixit and is different from that of his predecessor.

The display is virtually the same as the iPhone 5s, in all respects. Same applies to the vibration motor, the SIM slot and the speaker. The battery is a little more powerful: whether on iPhone 5s booze a model to 1560mAh on iPhone SE battery is rated at 1624mAh.  This battery, combined with the hardware with lower energy consumption, makes the battery life is greater than its predecessors.

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