iH8Sn0w released r0bf0rdsn0w fix to bypass iOS 7 iCloud Activation Lock for the iPhone and iPad


Although not the most suitable date for the release of a serious hacker iH8Sn0w released a solution to bypass the lock function activated in iOS 7. About creating utility developer wrote in his twitter account , stressing that this is not an April Fool’s joke.

In iOS 7 is known implemented reliable protection from theft and access by third parties . The latest version of the operating system to disable the built- Find My iPhone service , or reinstall the OS can not be without knowing your Apple ID and password of the owner. Spread of this technology makes meaningless iOS- theft device. However, the new function can suffer and people legitimately acquired handheld gadgets. When you try to erase or reinstall the operating system purchased b / the iPhone or iPad may require owner password device.

Decision iH8Sn0w provides an opportunity to bypass the activation means available. Software tool called R0bf0rdsn0w and it is on a separate site on the Internet . Download the archive with the utility can be anyone, but to gain access to the boot file , you need to decrypt the password . It is not so simple. For detailed instructions, a hacker posted on the official site r0bf0rdsn0w.ih8sn0w.com.

” The best time to release something worthwhile : April Fools’ Day – wrote iH8Sn0w tweet. – In my opinion, a great idea : to present something useful , but that will require radical things in order to decrypt the file . “

iH8Sn0w-lockA question from a user in Twitter, whether it’s April Fool’s joke , they say whether it is worth watching and brute force , iH8Sn0w replied that it was not a hoax . ” Anyone who wants to get a solution to bypass Activation Lock function in iOS 7 , should hurry , because Apple can you get ahead and close the vulnerability ,” – said the hacker .

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