The Crew iH8Sn0w simply launched the keys to decrypt the Firmware Beta three of the iPhone 3G.

Up to now most effective three groups have been a success to find the decryption keys.

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Here are the keys:

iPhone 3G 4.0 (beta3) IVS / KEYS / vfs: 018-7686 =================================== -006.dmg [rootfs]: =================================== vfdecrypt key: fd5f13cf40acec55cf2c8f59b009c26cd5cc7676be5c305333650632a3898ebea060b259 === ================================ 018-7643-006.dmg [RESTORE RAMDISK]: ====== ============================= IV: 7e40baf8e1da5def015336b045e3bac5 KEY: =============== 44ba76f6c5ee515854e5fc9933bdb54b ==================== kernelcache.release.n82: ======================== =========== IV
: 9707d6dc41ab0b3636818a8c6ef7eb5d KEY: 5363f28636508da8e536f318cdf857cb ================================= == applelogo.s5l8900x.img3: =================================== IV: 361c1c28e6852913e06f96e91d7c385e KEY: = a6fc9cfe8fa87e7ff7b0161657bb698a ================================== DeviceTree.n82ap.img3: ========== ========================= IV: 5d106cc461375f18aec210781cd7e54b KEY: e7948805fa278abc98ac979df1e07e43 =================== ================ iBoot.n82ap.RELEASE.img3: ========================== ========= IV: a5d5f2da16de151e64d5a51623c89365 KEY: 380febccd707b8592effd2e65e9d6b6b =================================== recoverymode.s5l8900x.img3: =================================== IV: 09a68880f5e8378192981b2961c203e8 KEY: f6d30a2a73851fb919bf65ce3d0f3b79 === ================================ / / / / IBSS / IBEC / WTF / LLB can decrypted Be w / o keys / / / / iH8sn0w

Obviously, the deciphering key Firmware is an important step toward completion of the jailbreak of the iPhone. We&#
39;ll keep you posted when we learn a little more!

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&#a hundred and sixty;

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